Preparing for life
and higher education

More Than a Curriculum. A Safe Community!

Your students will gain important life skills with MiaPrep! They can run their own shop, write for our weekly online newspaper, and more.
In addition to hundreds of learning videos and games, we offer optional Christian and Jewish religious studies, as well as Manners and Etiquette, and Internet Safety.
Everything that is posted on the site is read by experienced moderators - real people who care deeply about your student's safety!

Powerful Parent Portal

The MiaPrep parent account is the most advanced parent portal available on the market! You can select courses from any subject area, assign lessons, monitor your child’s progress, and create custom reports that you can save, download, and print on demand.

You define the school periods in each subject area and select the passing grade. Our system will create a customized learning path for your student based on your selections and adjust this path daily based on your student's progress.

Rewards and Social Features